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Cloud Service

Metanet Digital supports the cloud service, which can help clients to save costs, improve efficiency and ultimately enhance their business competitiveness.

MS Azure

Windows Azure is a flexible open cloud platform that enables the user to build, deploy, and manage the application program via management data centers located worldwide.

Service characteristics
  • Application: Process to transfer, develop, build and deploy the application to be innovatively improved in such ways that business agility can be responded in time, based on various services and functions provided by MS Azure.
  • Virtual computer: Creation and expansion of the Windows Server and Linux virtual computer become more convenient, and virtualization combined with the PaaS and IaaS guarantees the scalability of the cloud service.
  • Cloud Service: Scalable application program development and deployment becomes possible in a rich functional PaaS environment, and various digital transformation technologies based on MS Azure can be used.
  • Mobile Service: Easier to creating or develop mobile applications or mobile services.

PaaS-TA is an open cloud development platform developed by the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning, which is independent from a particular infrastructure. PaaS-TA supports more than 6 languages and various cloud infrastructure services (IaaS), and automates platform installation. Anyone can use this development environment, as all source codes are opened. Metanet Digital supports the cloud service using PaaS-TA.

Cloud Native Application Development

Cloud Native Application Development, a cloud-based application program, enables the user to develop an application program that can reduce costs by improving the method of developing an deploying an application program, and maximize the strengths of cloud services to create sustainable customer value.

Service characteristics
  • Operation efficiency: Supports switching to the DevOps methodology, which improves application program deployment and support using the unique access method of cloud.
  • Scalability: Service can be expanded or recovered independently as occasion demands, using the micro service.
  • Fast speed: Faster in feedback loop by developers. Able to transfer and distribute multiple times
  • Openness: Focus on transparency and interoperability using the open source technology.
Cloud Migration

The cloud migration services can switch the infrastructure environment and legacy applications to the cloud while minimizing business interruption.


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