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Application Modernization

The application modernization service of Metanet Digital optimizes legacy systems and supports architecture-based development for a cloud native environment when developing a new system. As a result, customers can reduce unnecessary operating expenses, develop a suitable application and set up the operating system to drive success in digital innovation.

Micro Service Architecture (MSA)

The microservice architecture splits one application into several small application for easy modification and combination.
As the separated service (application) is independent, modification and deployment are easy, and becomes more useful when the service scale is large and complex, as it rarely affects other services. In addition, resource efficiency can be improved as the application can be deployed in services.


Containerization is a kind of a solution that ensures stable operation of software when relocated to another computing environment.
Software can be executed without restriction on the operating system or infrastructure environment, as the application running platform and related environment (runtime environment) are packed together in a container before distribution. The containerization technology is lighter and uses less resources than the existing virtual machine.

AI (artificial intelligence)

AI creates innovative services as its core technology to develop, including machine learning and deep learning, when it is applied to various areas such as the Internet service, mobile, IoT device, smart car, financial security, and marketing.
Metanet Digital supports implementing AI strategies and technologies that improve clients’ business competitiveness by cooperating with global leading AI technology companies such as IBM and Microsoft.

RPA (Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation is a technology that can dramatically improve quality by reducing cost and error occurrence rate at the same time by automating complex and repetitive manual processes.

Advanced data analytics

Advanced data analytics using big data provides information needed to ensure future competitiveness, by forecasting market changes and trends. Big data and advanced data analytics are the key to the change that enterprises should carry out to ensure innovation and future competitiveness. 


Blockchain is a distributed database that records, saves, and shares all activity details on the network in a real time.
As transactions are verified by multiple transaction parties, but not the central authority organization like a bank, the risk of hacking is low and all saved information is transparently accessible to all transaction participants. In addition, unnecessary procedures can be removed in connection with each transaction, because it can be configured to allow a transaction only when a particular condition is met. Blockchain can contribute to the simplification of business processes and improvement of security and transparency.


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