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System Integration

Metanet Digital optimizes complex and diverse information technologies to meet the needs of the clients’ business environment to maintain their competitiveness in the rapidly changing business environment.
Metanet Digital provides the integrated development service of IT resources to enable customers to utilize the network, hardware and application effectively in an integrated manner.

Providing services
Customized system development
Metanet Digital develops optimal information systems by developing applications specifically designed for the needs of the customer business environment by providing integrated IT resource development services that use its strong experience in development and its systematized methodology.
Package-based system development
The information system is developed based on various business applications, such as DW, CRM, SCM, KM, MES, and EMS.
ERP development
Metanet Digital develops the optimal services so that business-critical resources can be managed effectively and tasks can be performed smoothly by integrating or re-developing the overall enterprise business process (purchase, production, sales, R&D, planning, managerial, HR, accounting) into a single system and advancing business processing methods; and the resources used by the enterprise can be efficiently arranged and business performance can be properly assessed.
IT infrastructure development
Metanet Digital provides the optimal infrastructure development service by analyzing, diagnosing, planning, and designing all infrastructures spanning from hardware and network, which are the basis of customer’s information technology, to base software.

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