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MetaPay_Payroll Outsourcing Solutions

At its most administrative level, payroll is a capability which naturally lends itself to outsourcing. Typically found within a shared services environment, an outsourced payroll process can enable companies of all sizes and maturities to access technical, systematic, and organized ways to deploy global payroll capability.

Grows our customers’ businesses.
Metanet has the technology and infrastructure required to support broader business expansion.
Payroll outsourcing allows you to keep your existing payroll vendor, even when deploying a new ERP or HCM (E-hR).
What do you need in an HR System?
On premise HCMs are characterized by high costs: time and capital expenditure to configure and deploy, as well as ongoing expenditure to cover maintenance. Not to mention its restrictions in terms of ex post configuration. Done right, Cloud HCM alleviates many of these issues, simplifying the HCM landscape.
We enforce strong privacy and security policies.
We understand privacy and security concerns clients may have around sensitive client data. That is why our policies are certified by the National Internet Development Agency of the Korea Information Security Management System (ISMS).

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