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Capital and loan business information solution

CABIS is a scalable solution that enables the user to select and apply common core business solutions. It develops additional functions according to customers’ needs, based on the years of development and operation know-how it has gained from capital and loan specialized companies.

Service composition
Proven solution
Used by many financial companies, it offers proven solutions based on SI development and operation know-how of leading financial companies.
Easy and convenient business processing
Standardized processes improve the business processing of non-skilled users. It applies a convenient user interface by considering user’s business processing traffic line.
Optimized customer management
Customer-oriented transaction and contact information is integrated in real time. Customized comprehensive information is provided for each user.
Strict product management
Reduced the lead time by releasing a new product using the parameter method, and increased user convenience using the existing product copy function.
Flexible channel management
Reducing the launch period of a new channel and applying the new product to the channel quickly.
Window payment and credit management based on on Plan-Do-See
Notifying payment in advance using various channels for each scheduled payment date, and efficient credit consultation and collection management can be performed with a focus on the customer.

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