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Integrated university administration solution

MetaERP4U is composed of the academic affairs administration, general administration, research administration, and annexed administration system.

The academic affairs administration manages the lifecycle of academic affairs - from admission management, subject and class organization, school record management to graduation assessment.

That is, it aims to support a series of academic affairs accompanied by student’s admission to graduation. The general administration system supports the administration of various school administrative functions, such as HR, payroll, budget, accounting, facility, and general affairs. The research administration system is designed to support research, which is the intrinsic function of the college, from the administration aspect.

Solution characteristics
Accumulated experience and know-how as an industry leader
MetaERP4U has accumulated the experience and know-how of the industry leader that has implemented the integrated administration system for more than 50 colleges over the last 2 decades.
Standard web based (HTML5) solution that allows the user to use various references and expand the technology continuously
As the technology evolves from the client/server architecture and development using the X-Internet/RIA tool to the HTML 5 standard authoring tool now, this solution can be used with Windows OS, Mac OS, and various mobile devices if the web browser complying with the web standard is installed.
Quick development and deployment
The development flow is clear as the front end is completely separated from the back end, and a simple source structure makes program build and deployment easy.

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