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Shipbuilding and
marine production management ERP solution

Meta CIMS-E is an ERP solution specialized in the shipbuilding and marine, which is developed by experts based on ten years’ experience in developing and operating the production management system for shipbuilding and marine material and equipment.

Solution characteristics
Providing customized services
Meta CIMS is an ERP solution developed to fit the unique project order-based production system of a shipbuilding industry. Users can systematically manage budget control, profit and loss analysis and schedule management in an integrated manner, by managing the project life cycle with a focus on the core process of the shipbuilding industry such as design, production, and materials management.
Providing unified information of design, production and materials
Meta CIMS establishes each code system (e.g., design BOM, POR, etc.) based on the built-in advanced process of shipbuilding and marine, and provides unified information of design, production and materials without being impacted by frequent changes in design.
Rich experience and proven solution
Meta CIMS solution service is based on years of rich experience in developing and operating the ERP system for leading shipbuilders and shipbuilding and marine material and equipment manufacturers. Application of the proven ERP solution and maintenance service can contribute to the value creation and improving client’s competence.
Shipbuilding and
marine ERPConsulting/
Meta CIMS-S (for shipbuilders)
  • Design management
  • Materials management
  • Production plan
  • Production execution
  • Quality control
Meta CIMS-E (for material and equipment manufacturers)
  • Sales Design
  • Production
  • Materials
  • Quality
  • Outsourcing
  • HR

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