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Energy management solution

Meta GEMS (Greenhouse-Gas and Energy Management System) is an optimized energy management solution that enables the user to perfectly respond to requirements of the Management of Targets for GHGs & Energy, and reduce costs by saving energy practically.

recognize experience and effects by referring to leading enterprises in Korea that have successfully applied and operated the GEMS.

EMIS - integrated system energy control system
Visualizing top-down energy status, integrated performance analysis.
Responding to ISO 50001, cap and trade schemes, and negawatt market.
EOS - optimal system energy control system
Automatic efficiency control of the process facility, utility, and support facility.
Optimal operation modeling, facility operation big data analysis.
IoT database system sensing, data infrastructure development
Process facility and utility facility support.
Collecting the facility operation data. Installing the wattmeter, flow meter, temperature gauge, pressure gauge
System interface
Linking with existing ERP, MES, facility management, GEMS.
Linking with existing SCADA, HMI, and PLC system.

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