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Metanet Digital provides a next-generation system optimized for the financial services industry, fintech, infrastructure and loan risk management as a customized solution, based on more than 200 financial services experts with know-hows and experience, accumulated from our work with more than 90% of Korea’s financial services industry.

Outsourcing consulting
Metanet Digital is equipped with the optimized consulting methodology at a global level and is leading client value innovation based on our capability and financial services industry know-hows, the latest management theory and new technology research result.
With those capabilities, Metanet Digital supports the “business innovation for future growth” and “knowledge leader to increase business value” that contributes to customers’ improved competitiveness in the area of the business strategy, IT, and new business model consulting.
Application operation service
Metanet Digital provides an advanced application operation service with the application development experience for customers in the financial sector. We have the capability to develop new information systems in line with our standard development methodology and OS operation.
Infra operation service
The infrastructure operation service supports customer business by running customers computing systems in a stable and efficient manner, by managing various IT platforms comprehensively and systematically. Metanet Digital provides optimal services to meet the service target and level, by modularizing the operation management target and operation service. 
Next-generation system (core banking, non-core banking)
Metanet Digital introduces the next-generation system to proactively respond to environmental changes at home and abroad, secure differentiated competitiveness, improve product competitiveness, strengthen customer-oriented service, and reduce time-to-market.
Metanet Digital provides an optimal system that is suitable for the customers’ management environment based on our experience in developing numerous next-generation systems, advanced technology, and professional knowledge about finance to support long-term business competitiveness improvement through stabilization and efficiency.
Channel system (Internet Banking, Mobile Banking)
To strengthen the marketing and customer service, the importance of non face-to-face channels (e.g., mobile, Internet banking, ATM) is gradually increasing due to the offline to online trend. Accordingly, we meet the business need for a system that can respond to the increased e-Financial transactions and business reorganization, and satisfy the requirements for system scalability.
The IFRS solution designed to reflect international accounting standards is composed of the new introduction part, which is composed of a valuating system, and the development part to respond to the financial accounting related system possessed by the financial company. Metanet Digital supports the end-to-end process from consulting to system development to enable the financial customer to respond to IFRS requirements.
Domestic financial institutes need to modify the BASEL-compliant systems they have developed to meet the needs of BASEL3, which was confirmed in 2010. The BASEL project continues to be a business issue due to the requirement for a subsidiary company to develop a system that reflects BASEL2 applied to the financial holding company. Each financial institute has set up and implemented response methods to remove credit/operation risks related to BASEL2, which become more strict due to the application of BASEL3, and liquidity risk.
Process diagnosis/improvement (Process Innovation)
Metanet Digital is making efforts to improve clients’ competitiveness by diagnosing and enhancing existing system processes based on its years of know-how and in-depth business knowledge.
Metanet Digital proposes an active and efficient method based on the architecture and business knowledge to achieve process improvements by taking clients on an advisory journey.
Specialized Internet bank
The specialized Internet bank provides self-banking service to customers in investment service and online commercial transactions, by providing deposit, loan and fintech services (cloud funding, P2P loan).
To provide a personalized service for self-banking to customers, reliability and customer satisfaction are provided by processing personalized marketing, personalized credit rating and fraud detection in real time, so that customers can process banking online.
This way, a new banking service that can innovate the future financial industry can be provided by expanding the service into a comprehensive asset management system for future online financial services (bank, trust, insurance, securities).

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