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About Metanet Digital

CEO Message

Metanet Digital CEOChangyull Lee
이창열 대표
Metanet Digital CEOKiho Kim
김기호 대표

We will be your “digital innovation partner” to help you unlock the value of your business.

Metanet Digital has been growing and leading clients’ business success in the area of public services/SOC, financial services, manufacturing and education.

We are the leader of total IT services in Korea providing total IT services including system integration and management, IT outsourcing, consulting and technology innovation.

The business environment surrounding the enterprise is rapidly changing. To remain competitive, enterprises need to develop and utilize digital technology that is suitable for the new industrial paradigm and global IT environment. Public organizations are actively improving their digital competitiveness to strengthen national competitiveness and respond to the increased demand for better IT services.

With our differentiated know-hows and the substantial IT experience it has built up over the last three decades, Metanet Digital is able to expand its existing business and services areas and secure market competitiveness for its future core business at the same time.
We will turn ourselves into a “digital innovation partner” and lead enterprise innovation.

We are fully committed to becoming a leading comprehensive IT company that grows with clients, providing the best value through our constant endeavor and commitment to change.

Thank you.


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